Covid-19 news

Unfortunately the Covid-19 resurgence in Europe has consequences on the organization of the ESANN conference: it becomes more and more probable that we will have to switch to a fully virtual conference.  A final decision will be taken around August 15-20; all registered participants will be contacted by e-mail.  In the meantime, please do not make travel plans; thank you for your understanding.

ESANN 2020 is postponed

Covid-19 news: the ESANN conference will be postponed (it will not take place on April 22-24 as initially planned).  We are currently looking for new dates probably in September of October and will publish information soon. 

All already registered participants will be contacted by e-mail.  Please do not register anymore before further news are published.

14.03.2020 news - Covid-19 outbreak

Due to the latest developments in Covid-19 outbreak, it becomes less and less probable that the ESANN 2020 conference will be organized before the end of April.  No decision is taken yet, but we are currently considering to postpone the conference.  A decision will be published within a week.  In the meantime, please consider delaying making new travel reservations.

Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak affects travel plans around the globe.  As a relatively small conference (around 150 participants), the risk that the organization of the conference itself will be affected is low.  Travellers from abroad should follow the official regulations from their home country to know whether travelling abroad, and in particular to Belgium, is allowed.  As such regulations may change everyday we will not duplicate this information here.  Please read for updated information about the situation in Belgium.

In case of cancellation of registration (non-speakers only), the current situation is as follows:

possible scam with hotel booking

We have been informed about a possible scam with hotel booking: some (probably fake) travel agency contacts possible ESANN participants by phone, trying to sell hotel rooms at higher costs.  Please do not give any information by phone or if you suspect any scam.  The conference organization will never ask you to pay higher prices, or to pay through other means of payment, than those detailed on the ESANN web pages.

We suspect that those who are contacted could be some of the authors of papers included in the program (which is publicly available).

Please do not hesitate to report any possible scam.

Extendedd deadline

Deadline for submissions has been extended to November 25, 2019 (any time, any time zone).  There will be no further extension.

Neurocomputing special issue

Selected papers from the ESANN 2023 will be published in a special issue of the Neurocomputing journal. See past volumes of the Neurocomputing journal for special issues with selected papers from past ESANN.
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